Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Went off with a DRAGG....

Miss Dee Floward, Pearl Necklace & 'Merica
at the AIDS LifeCylce FUNdraiser...

Sylva posted a thank you on facebook that was moving and spot on...gonna let my riding partner take this one....Thank you to all for an amazing night and all your support, we are both blown away...

"I am having a hard time saying "Thank yoU!U!U" fast enough to keep up with all the amazing and generous people who have been contributing their funds, time and efforts to benefit the AIDS/LifeCycle ride Casey and I are going next month. This past weekend we raised about $1200 in donations at our Drag Party. This in itself is pretty amazing, cause hot damn... our guests not only came with financial contributions they also came dolled up and looking fucking fabulous!!!!!!! In all ways we felt really really (REALLY!!!) lucky.

I will be posting some (er….300) photos soon but in the meantime… Thank you to Casey for being my ride partner and being crazy enough to take on a 545 mile ride and the grand task of raising 6 grand in about 5 weeks (most the other riders have about 6 months). Thank you to Jim Hillas for driving all the way down from Sacramento to set up sound and DJ in his pretty pink fishnets!!! wink wink!!! Thank you to the beautiful BeEv for bar tending in the her luscious outfit for so many hours, and to Marco for taking over at the bar after spending so much time creating a custom painting for our silent art auction!! Thank you toJohn for wearing his unicorn hat and sitting at the door all night harassing people out of their money, and to Jin for taking over with her sweet hubby till late into the night!!!!!! Thanks to Matt, who I just met this past weekend, for sitting and letting people into the building all night long!!! Thank you to Inobe for making baked goods (and even a gluten free option for meeeeeee) and bringing her sexy entourage to serve them all night!!! Thanks to Deborah for sending out emails to all her friends and getting contributions for me!! Thank you to my roomie Patrick for running around last minute and help to set up, and running around after to clean up as well!!!Thanks to every fucking one for dressing up like rock stars and showing up!! I am seriously humbled, once again, that I have asked for help and friends and strangers have shown up to offer it to me! What. the. amazingness. Oh yeah, and thank you to all the people who have been sending in money without asking for anything in return, you. guys. rock.

We appreciate all of your donations!!!"

17 days left, $2k left to raise (we are raising a combined $6k)...Still time to donate:

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