Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life's a Happy Song...

WOW!!! For todays GINORMOUS list of ahhhmazing people who have donated to AIDS LifeCycle I'm bringing in the big guns...the muppets!!!

Thank You!!!

Brett Sperry
Anthony Cailan
Dominique Ovalle
Corey 'Cornbread' Godfrey
Peter Gesswein
Tammy Rice
Mike & Mary Urso
Craig Roper
Maria Notarnicola
Beverly Austin
Sheilah Glasco and Stella 
Michael Bernard at MBD Metalsmith

With only 4 days left there is a lot to do!!! I'm doing bike mechanic work, trying to convert my kickass beasty dirt grinding mountain bike into a lighter, road friendly bike. Then the packing will start!!!

We leave Friday to drive up to San Fransisco, have orientation on Saturday and then take off Sunday at 6am!!! Ohhhhh hot damn!!! If you are in the area please come to the opening ceremonies and see us off!!!

Opening Ceremony Details ALC

 Things are changing!!!

 Sometimes a girls gotta change up from the regular boring cycling gear!!!

 Never a dull moment riding with this rad chick, good thing, we have 7 days together!!! Bring it!!!

 Helping Sylva with her shoes, she is now clipless and a bit freaked by the idea of it...but she's almost a pro now!!!
 If you'd like to support AIDS LifeCycle please do so at the links below!!!



Also there is one day left in the Auction for "I've Got A Golden Ticket" Necklace, place your bids and help others in you get this kick ass one of a kind necklace!!!




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