Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Weeks...$6k...7 Days...545 Miles....

What an adventure so far!!! Sylva and I have made it!!! We raised the money...we have trained...changed over our to pack our bags...we leave tomorrow morning!! But first, Today's Thank yous!!!

Thank You!!!

Austin Park
Noah and Emily
Chris Van Ooyen
James Chaps

My brother has warned me about putting up videos that are "too bike" cause he doesn't get's one for you bro, if you don't think this is funny, well, it is....

I'm feeling very somber at the moment but I think Sylva put it best on her facebook post last night:

"There are endless analogies which encompass the idea that to succeed, one must suffer. While I have my doubts that the suffering part is absolutely necessary, I certainly have many experiences under my belt which demonstrate this idea ever-so-perfectly. I'd like to think that with no pain, there CAN still be gain, but often the pain/gain dichotomy is found pulling me two directions at once. Today is no different. As the final days to prepare for the
AIDS/LifeCycle approach, I have met my share of tear-inducing, hair-puling, why-meeeeeee moments….. None of these have much to do with the event itself, it's just that the preparation is really really super time consuming! Getting all my regular work done is hard enough, but adding the daunting challenge of raising $6000 with my ride partner Casey, training to be physically prepared for this huge ride, and hosting numerous fundraising events all in the short time frame of 7 weeks, is f*****ck off overwhelming . My first donation arrived from John Green on April 10th Thomas Gunter brought me up to $3000 with my most recent donation. This is amazing. Like super super super amazing. So as I sit here pulling my hair and cursing my career, my mind is brought back to the reality that a whole bunch of people reached out to me n Casey, donated money, time, services, and even cupcakes, to help us collectively raise alllllmost $6000 in a matter off weeks for the AIDS LIfecycle Organization. You guys are really really nice. Thank you a whole whole lot!!!!!!! "

I'm in ahhhh of what can happen when people come together!!! Well I guess this happens!!!


Next is the adventure that awaits us!!! If you are in San Fran Sunday and want to see us off here is the opening ceremony link:

ALC Opening Ceremonies 

If you want to see us roll into LA here is an invite to the closing ceremonies...I don't know what state we will be in or when we will roll in but would love to see your smiling faces cheer us on!!!

ALC Closing Ceremonies



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