Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Weeks...$6k...7 Days...545 Miles....

What an adventure so far!!! Sylva and I have made it!!! We raised the money...we have trained...changed over our to pack our bags...we leave tomorrow morning!! But first, Today's Thank yous!!!

Thank You!!!

Austin Park
Noah and Emily
Chris Van Ooyen
James Chaps

My brother has warned me about putting up videos that are "too bike" cause he doesn't get's one for you bro, if you don't think this is funny, well, it is....

I'm feeling very somber at the moment but I think Sylva put it best on her facebook post last night:

"There are endless analogies which encompass the idea that to succeed, one must suffer. While I have my doubts that the suffering part is absolutely necessary, I certainly have many experiences under my belt which demonstrate this idea ever-so-perfectly. I'd like to think that with no pain, there CAN still be gain, but often the pain/gain dichotomy is found pulling me two directions at once. Today is no different. As the final days to prepare for the
AIDS/LifeCycle approach, I have met my share of tear-inducing, hair-puling, why-meeeeeee moments….. None of these have much to do with the event itself, it's just that the preparation is really really super time consuming! Getting all my regular work done is hard enough, but adding the daunting challenge of raising $6000 with my ride partner Casey, training to be physically prepared for this huge ride, and hosting numerous fundraising events all in the short time frame of 7 weeks, is f*****ck off overwhelming . My first donation arrived from John Green on April 10th Thomas Gunter brought me up to $3000 with my most recent donation. This is amazing. Like super super super amazing. So as I sit here pulling my hair and cursing my career, my mind is brought back to the reality that a whole bunch of people reached out to me n Casey, donated money, time, services, and even cupcakes, to help us collectively raise alllllmost $6000 in a matter off weeks for the AIDS LIfecycle Organization. You guys are really really nice. Thank you a whole whole lot!!!!!!! "

I'm in ahhhh of what can happen when people come together!!! Well I guess this happens!!!


Next is the adventure that awaits us!!! If you are in San Fran Sunday and want to see us off here is the opening ceremony link:

ALC Opening Ceremonies 

If you want to see us roll into LA here is an invite to the closing ceremonies...I don't know what state we will be in or when we will roll in but would love to see your smiling faces cheer us on!!!

ALC Closing Ceremonies



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life's a Happy Song...

WOW!!! For todays GINORMOUS list of ahhhmazing people who have donated to AIDS LifeCycle I'm bringing in the big guns...the muppets!!!

Thank You!!!

Brett Sperry
Anthony Cailan
Dominique Ovalle
Corey 'Cornbread' Godfrey
Peter Gesswein
Tammy Rice
Mike & Mary Urso
Craig Roper
Maria Notarnicola
Beverly Austin
Sheilah Glasco and Stella 
Michael Bernard at MBD Metalsmith

With only 4 days left there is a lot to do!!! I'm doing bike mechanic work, trying to convert my kickass beasty dirt grinding mountain bike into a lighter, road friendly bike. Then the packing will start!!!

We leave Friday to drive up to San Fransisco, have orientation on Saturday and then take off Sunday at 6am!!! Ohhhhh hot damn!!! If you are in the area please come to the opening ceremonies and see us off!!!

Opening Ceremony Details ALC

 Things are changing!!!

 Sometimes a girls gotta change up from the regular boring cycling gear!!!

 Never a dull moment riding with this rad chick, good thing, we have 7 days together!!! Bring it!!!

 Helping Sylva with her shoes, she is now clipless and a bit freaked by the idea of it...but she's almost a pro now!!!
 If you'd like to support AIDS LifeCycle please do so at the links below!!!



Also there is one day left in the Auction for "I've Got A Golden Ticket" Necklace, place your bids and help others in you get this kick ass one of a kind necklace!!!




Friday, May 23, 2014

Final Countdown

With only one week til the ride, Sylva and I have raised $4800!!! We are only $1200 away from our riding goal of $6k!!! Keep those donations coming!!

THANK YOU For Donating:

The Wills Family (Karen, Matt, Talley, Leim)

RC Wonderly

Kevin O'Connor

James Ashley

We won't be able to ride or help to stop HIV/AIDS if it wasn't for all those that have donated!!! Thank you!!!

FUNdraising Events:
I'm auctioning off a necklace on Ebay, 100% of funds go to AIDS LifeCycle

Sylva has a hat (rad horned helmet!!!) for silent auction, please contact here on facebook (photo below)

Miss G Designs (who I intern with) will be donation 10% of her sales this week to my check out her ahhhhmazing headdresses

10% of sales from my shop will go to ALC from now til June 1st!!!

Here's the link if you'd just like to make donation:



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hold Onto Your Shammy.....

To explain this video to the seasonless peeps out there "Rock-It" is a bike delivery service in Minneapolis (another reason that city is sooo damn rad!!!) where they have snow, rain, wind, seasons and kickass bikers!!!

Think the weathers gonna be pretty beautiful for the AIDS LifeCycle Ride which is only 10 days away!!!! Hot Damn....

Todays thank yous!!!

Jill & Randy Flagel

Ali Spagnoletti

 Current Stats:

10 Days til ride

$1730 to raise


Two Silent Auctions where 100% of the money goes to AIDS LifeCycle!!!

Sylva's Rad Hat!!!
 Place your bid here:

Casey's Necklace:

 Place your bid here:

Or Just Donate!!!! 




 Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dirty Girls....

Sylva and I went to REI to get supplies for our ride...I needed skinner tires (eeekkk) for my 29er I'll be riding and Sylva needed cycling was a blast running round the store picking out new bike shwag....but alas, we arrived too early so we were forced to eat a super yummy breakfast while we waited at a nearby cafe...

While we enjoyed our breakfast we realized how dirty our hands were, as makers we use our hands and get them filthy but as ladies...well...still thinking bout that one!!! Can't wait to see what our hands will look like after 545 miles!!! Guess we will all have to wait and see....

We have 12 days and $2k left to raise, so what are you waiting for...donate today!!! Thank y'all!!!

Sylva's Page:

Casey's Page:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Funday...

Thank you to the following kickass supporters for your donations!!! Soooo AHhhmazing!!

Michael Pacyna
Jaime Scholnick
Chuck & Karen Harris

Getting so much closer to our goal!!!

We have 14 days....$2000 left to raise but we are getting there!!! Just got an email from AIDS Lifecycle informing us that there will be a chapel set up on the 5th night for couples to get married...hope Sylva doesn't get me drunk and try to get me to marry her...awkward!!! 

Help us reach our goal and Donate Here!!!



Friday, May 16, 2014

Training Day...

We are getting so close...with only 15 days left til we ride 545 miles!!! The heat has made for some intense training rides, yes it's been 100 degrees all week!!!

 Before our ride I hit the am freeway traffic to Downtown...soo glad I don't have to take the 110...pheewww!!!

Sylva is the best riding partner....never a dull moment...