Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hot Damn...

Thank you to everyone that came to Movie Night last night...was a blast...we had great movies...Where The Trail Ends, Rising From Ashes and ended with....Pee Wees Big Adventure...We raised money (yeah), geeked out on bike stuff and pigged out on the most delicious of treats....

Join us for our next event....Drag Night.......Saturday May 10th at Pillow Box Studios....

So it's bout damn time....I never thought it would happen, especially in LaLaLand but looks like I belong here...thanks to AIDS LifeCycle and Kerry Castillo (our very own Cyclist Rep)...

ALC really knows how to take care of us!!! I found this really great info on Kerry's page that helps break down where your money goes...check it out, pretty freaking glad to be part of this....

$5,000 covers a full year of laboratory testing for 18 patients.
$1,000 covers a full year of medical supply costs for 55 patients.
$1,000 funds one client receiving Post Exposure Prophylaxis.
$250 provides Rapid HIV Antibody tests to 20 clients.
$175 provides HIV prevention counseling sessions to 20 teenagers.
$150 provides comprehensive HIV/STD testing to 1 client.
$100 provides Hepatitis A and B vaccinations to 1 client.
$25 covers the treatment medication for 1 client infected with an STD.
$10 buys 143 condoms that the Health Education and Prevention Program will distribute.

But consider this! Larger donations can be broken up into several payments!! Break a $100 donation in to 10 easy $10 payments over 10 months! NOW this is starting to sound doaable, isn't it!?

Here are our pages where you can donate...thank you...

Casey's Donation Page

Sylva's Donation Page

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