Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh how serendipitous...

 What a great word, it's right up there with enigma and...well...moist (it's a great word no matter what anyone says) more time...okay...moist!!! Even though all these words have Andy Warhol in common that's not the direction I'm headed....moist...

I've started this blog because of serendipity....which the ever so trusty web defines as "development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way"...I like that...and have to say my life is full of them....especially lately and with the help of the Aids LifeCycle Ride (the other reason I started this blog).

On June 1st I will be riding 545 miles in 7 days from San Fransisco to Los Angeles.  This ride not only raises money but awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To take part in the amazing event each rider needs to raise at least $3k. So this is my kick off to raise my $3k!!! 

Let's back track a bit...back to events of chance....I moved to Los Angeles about 9 months ago to expand my business as a jewelry artist, the pursuit of getting my jewels on the rock gods of the Angelenos. Things went very well at first then took a HUGE nose dive.  Seemed like everything was going wrong.

I wanted to find a way out of LA, go to the middle of no where, near a bike trail so I could just live life and ride my bike. I was missing my community, friends and good people. My self pitty soon turned into self reflection, I needed to give back, donate to the organizations that have influenced me and could influence or help others. I made a list of bike, art, park and other organizations that I was going to send money to each month, from $10-$50 (even though I don't have much money I thought I could help). While I was making my list I was watching "The Long Way Round" on Netflix (which you need to check out, super inspiring) and this fueled my idea to start bike touring. I thought bout starting out small, like San Fran to LA. With all this happening I was very lost in my career as well. No creativity and I wanted to make bigger, more costume style work...wearable art but I was lost. 

Then life took a spin....a small development of events by chance happened and in such a happy, beneficial way!!! Because of these events I have started to create the work I've dreamt of and was asked by a great new friend to take part in the AIDS LifeCycle Event. Now I'm starting off my bike touring with a SF to LA ride that will help an organization and influence others. Oh but I still got my list to donate to, that still happening...first things first though.

Now you can be a part of this amazing adventure and great event. I will be blogging about my training, progress of funds and all the prep...oh and I'm totally calling out those that donate too!! After the ride I'm gonna write about my experience and what I've heard is a life changing event, how could it not. 

How can you donate, click the link below!!!

If you aren't able to donate but want to help out then please email to others, post to your facebook page...just help spread the word....

Here are photos from today's urban assault training in LaLaLand....Now go get RAD!!!!

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