Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Bike....

Friday was the first training day that my riding partner Sylva and I had together. We were super excited!!! The goal, to ride to Long Beach from Downtown LA. I need to get use to riding on pavement, I'm a dirt girl. 26 miles was what we were shooting for. 

 Sylva read to rock N roll...

Streets of LA

As we were rolling along into mile 4, I saw the most amazing sculpture. As I was looking at this breath taking work of art, I was thinking that maybe some homeless guy created this, that it was his life's master piece...as I built this story in my head Sylva was checking out a different sight and as she pointed it out to me, I thought...ha, wait til she she's what I've been looking at...then it happened...the typical slow motion, I see myself getting too close to Sylva, I hit the breaks but don't really remember hitting the breaks cause I'm on auto pilot...before I know it I'm on the ground, legs entangled in my bike. As we drag me and my scattered belongings out of the road I realize I just ate some serious shit!!! I'm okay but think I may have broken my shoulder, it doesn't feel right but I decided that if it was broken I'd know for sure and I wasn't for sure, so in my mind it wasn't broken...as we talked bout what just happened Sylvia informs me that my amazing sculpture created out of pure ahhhmazingness was a damn palm tree!!!! I'm a total ass!!!!

It looks life a sculpture...sort of...

We assess the damage and I am so bummed but want to ride so we decide to stick to the downtown area so that if I can't ride anymore we can head back to my car. As we stop for a second time I checked my mileage...we both laughed it was mile 6.66. Cue creepy music!!!
Mile 6.66
Sweat Shop (sort of)
As we got back into our rhythm of things we ended up leaving downtown since I was doing okay, as long as we didn't stop too much...we made our way down to the west adams area...we were riding down Washington when a black car came up on us. So I moved over to give them room..then all of a sudden their mirror is in my elbow and the side of their car is hitting the side of me....I'm getting hit by a car....now luck is on my side here (well and earlier too) cause even though I was hit by a car I didn't crash, I somehow held it together. The car sped off as I yelled words that would make a sailor blush....we both stood on the side of the road in shock. Only 12 miles earlier I had eaten shit, now a car hits my side and hits the same arm that I landed on when I flipped over my bars. I think I'm not meant for road riding....but I sucked it up once again and we finished the ride with 20 miles. 
At UCLA Medical ER
When I woke up in the morning my arm didn't feel right so I had my good friend Jaime take me to the ER. (Which a big shoot out thank you to her for taking good care of me and helping me out). When I was checking in I told my story of what happened. 

Chop aka Casey: "I had a bike wreck where I flew over my bars and hit the pavement"
RN: "Were you wearing a helmet"
Chop: "of course"
RN: "let me see your arm and show me where you landed"
Chop: "this is were I landed when I hit the pavement but this is where the car hit me 12 miles later"
RN: "I'm sorry, what? This was in the same night. So after you had an accident you continued to ride and got hit by a car. Wow."

 When I left the hospital they all told me I should go buy a lottery ticket and stay off the road for a few days, these accidents were a sign. I agree, it's a sign that I love my bike!!! Good news, no broken bones!!! Just some really nice bruising. Bad news, think my luck ran out cause no dice on the lottery tickets. Oh well, was worth a shot!!

Valet at the ER, yep this is LA
I was afraid that I won't be able to take part in the AIDS LifeCycle Ride so I had decided that if not I would still do road support!! But more good news...I'm still in!!! This means so much more to me now!!! I'm not giving up on this exciting adventure and fantastic event to help out others....I was taught when you get knocked down, you wipe yourself off and get back at it!!!
Now the Thank Yous!!! I'm sorry for the delay on saying thank you but I've been healing....
Chris Bell
Johna B
Jean Imray 
Caley Johnson
Nancy D
Douglas Barone
You are my shining stars and I am now at 14%!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Sylva and I are working on some fun-draiser events and with the launch of my Etsy store I will be donating 10% of my sales from now til June 1st to the ALC 2014!!! Click below to see details....

Sylva's ALC page is below, check it out, donate, pass it along, we both have the same goal of raising $3k each! 


I'm going to leave you with this great video...it was shot in Minneapolis which seems very fitting...I will be riding my Surly Karate Monkey for the 545 miles and Surly just happens to be based out of Minneapolis and I will be headed to Minneapolis in about a week for the SNAG conference!!! Minneapolis is also one of the most bike friendly cities...Thanks again and I will keep you posted on this weeks training, fundraising and other events (no bike crashes, no bike crashes!!!)

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